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Membrane Technology

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Membrane Technology is becoming the one-stop solution to most process water requirements.

With the large array of different membranes and membrane manufacturers there is a solution to almost all water sources and quality required.

Improvements in membrane technologies have reduced CAPEX  and OPEX costs, whilst increasing water yields and rejection rates.

Hydra-Clear provide the following technologies: 

  • Microfiltration is the lowest micron rated membrane with a <100nm pore size. This is good for rejection of bacteria, oil sand solids but does not remove dissolved materials.
    • Clarification of fruit juices, wines and beer
    • Cold disinfection of pharmaceuticals and beverages 
    • Pretreatment for RO to remove suspended solids 
    • Oil and water separation 
  • Ultrafiltration (or UF) is a <10nm pore size membrane which is excellent for removal of viruses and bacteria. This property makes it excellent for:
    • Pharmaceutical Production
    • Electronic Component Manufacture
    • Pre-Treatment for RO
    • Effluent Treatment
  • Nanonfiltration (or NF) is used for rejection of multi-valent ions but allows certain mono ions through. NF pore size is <1nm which makes it an excellent choice for complete virus rejection
    • Drinking Water Production
    • Pharmaceutical Production 
  • Reverse Osmosis is the most commonly known membrane technology on the market. Widely used throughout commercial and industrial sites. A pore size of <0.5nm makes this ideal for rejection of all metals, virus and bacteria.
    • Pure Water Production
    • Drinking Water Production
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
    • Industrial and Chemical Manufacturing

Hydra-Clear have a standard line of Reverse Osmosis Units. Contact us for more information