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Ion Exchange & Demineralisation

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Ion Exchange has been around for many decades and is a very popular choice for many manufacturing sites to utilise to gain the quality of water they desire.

Using small beads with selective exchange properties, water is able to pass through a column of resin media and exchange undesirable impurities for more useful ions.

Ion Exchange Resin can be used for basic hardness removal (calcium for sodium) to more advanced methods for ultrapure water (mixed bed units exchanging for H and OH ions).

Ion exchange is very efficient and with proper use can be as economical as up-to  >99% efficient.

Advantages of Ion Exchange

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Efficient in conservation of water and energy
  • High Removal Rates of Undesirable Ions
  • Low Capital Cost (compared to some membrane technologies)
  • Ultra Pure Water (>18 Mega Ohms/ >0.05uS)

Hydra-Clear Process Water can assist with all Ion Exchange Plants

  • Base Exchange (Softening)
  • Organic Scavengers
  • De-Alkalisation
  • Co- Flow Regeneration
  • Counter Flow Regeneration
  • Demineralisation Twin Beds (Cation and Anion)
  • Mixed Bed Polishing

We can supply all types of Ion Exchange Resins and keep a healthy stock of the most commonly used Cation and Anion in our warehouse.

We are also highly experienced in resin changes on water treatment plants and can deploy our engineers to complete any resin change and commission the plant after the change. 


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