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Full Cycle Design

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Hydra-Clear Process Water can develop, design, build, install and commission whole cycle water treatment plants.

From small Reverse Osmosis systems to full C.H.P Plant Boiler Feed Systems, Hydra-Clear can design the whole cycle from water source to treated water outlet.

Examples of where a full water cycle design maybe required:

  • Borehole Water Treatment
    •  Borehole water can be used for
      • Potable drinking water supply
      • Process water supply
      • Reduction of water costs
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Water Treatment
    • Pharmaceutical Grade Water
      • Water for Injection
      • Water for manufacture
      • Water for Dilution
      • Waste Water Recovery
        • Hydra-Clear also offer Validation Services for all pharmaceutical installation
        • Combined Heat and Power
        • Water for High and Low Pressure Boiler Feed
      • Effluent and Waste Water Capture
      • Chemical Delivery Systems
      • Containerised Packages


These are a few of the examples where a full cycle water treatment plant may be required



 - Bottled spring water plant, 2022


Water is taken from source and treated to the customers specification. Hydra-Clear utilise all existing technologies to ensure the most efficient energy solution is chosen to achieve the correct specification of final treated water.

All areas will be considered and designed to ensure that the plant is the most effective water plant for running and costs:-

  • Water Source Management
  • Water Storage and Distribution
  • Flow Rates and Velocities
  • Restrictions or Limitations to Site Current SOP's and Regulations
  • CAPEX and OPEX viability
  • Production Demands
  • Waste and Effluent Generation
  • PPM Generation and Reduction
  • Automated Control
  • Environmental Impact

Choosing Hydra-Clear to provide a turnkey solution to your new water treatment plant will be an easy decision to make.

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