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Hydrajet Lite 200LPH - 600LPH

Discover the HydraJET Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Systems Collection, a comprehensive range of water purification solutions meticulously designed to cater to diverse flow rate requirements and space constraints. This lineup includes four exceptional models: HydraJET LITE200, LITE300, LITE400, and LITE600, each tailored to meet specific needs across various industries.

HydraJET LITE200: Ideal for settings with minimal space and lower flow rate needs, the LITE200 offers 200 LPH capacity. It embodies a compact, integrated design with high-quality components and a durable stainless steel frame, perfect for smaller-scale operations seeking efficiency and reliability.

HydraJET LITE300: Stepping up the capacity, the LITE300 provides a 300 LPH flow rate. This model maintains the compactness and high-quality standards of the HydraJET series, with enhanced volume handling capabilities. It's suitable for medium-sized operations that require a balance between space-saving design and increased throughput.

HydraJET LITE400: Bridging the gap between medium and higher demand applications, the LITE400 delivers a 400 LPH flow rate. This variant offers an excellent compromise, featuring a robust build and advanced control options. It's an ideal choice for establishments that need a bit more power without going full-scale.

HydraJET LITE600: For the most demanding environments, the LITE600 stands out with a 600 LPH flow rate. This model is the epitome of high-volume reverse osmosis purification, designed for larger operations without compromising on the compact and efficient design HydraJET is known for. It's perfect for industries with significant water purification needs.

Each model in the HydraJET R.O. Systems Collection is built with the same commitment to quality, integrating user-friendly autonomous control and customizable PLC/Ethernet port options. They are versatile, complying with various industry standards, making them suitable for pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors, among others. Whether you're constrained by space, flow rate, or both, the HydraJET series has a solution tailored for your unique requirements, ensuring uncompromised water treatment process in quality, compliance, and practicality.