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Containerised Water Treatment Plants

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We design & build bespoke water treatment plants that are transformed frm ISO shipping containers. These innovative solutions are hugely customisable to fit any requirement and provide a quick, cost-effective way to treat water in novel locations.

Our containerised water treatment systems eliminate the need for costly decommissioning and overhauling of existing plant rooms. The units can also  be stacked vertically to save space or transported to challenging locations. Our plug-and-play units are fully FAT tested before delivery, ensuring seamless operation. We can install various types of water treatment plants, including cartridge filtration, softeners, reverse osmosis, deionisation, and desalination plants into either a 20ft or 40ft unit, customised to any flow rate and water quality.


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In disaster relief scenarios, access to safe drinking water is often the most pressing concern. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, can cause severe damage to water treatment facilities and infrastructure, leading to contamination of water sources. With climate change causing natural disasters to occur with increased frequency and intensity, the need for quick and reliable water treatment solutions is becoming more critical.

Cost-Efficiency Comparison

Containerised Water Treatment Plant Traditional Plant Room
Initial Investment Lower due to standardised production Higher due to customised construction
Installation Cost Lower, minimal site preparation needed Higher, extensive site preparation required
Operational Downtime Minimal to none Significant due to complex installation
Maintenance Cost Lower, due to standardised and accessible parts Higher, specialised parts and labor required


Our plants in shipping containers are not just for disaster relief scenarios. In industrial settings, space is often at a premium, and our vertical stacking options can save even more footprint while providing a fully functional water treatment plant. We can customise the units to any requirement and offer a range of water treatment options, including cartridge filtration, softeners, reverse osmosis, deionisation, and desalination plants.

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Explore a world of versatile filtration technologies and modular designs that cater to your unique water treatment requirements. Our state-of-the-art containerised water treatment plants offer a comprehensive range of filtration options tailored to suit your specific needs.

Filtration Technologies Tailored to Your Needs

Our advanced containerised water treatment plants boast an extensive array of filtration technologies, including Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF), softeners, reverse osmosis, and deionization plants. This unparalleled flexibility empowers us to customize each system to meet the specific water treatment demands of your application or industry.

Scalable and Adaptable Modular Design

Experience the benefits of our modular design that allows for effortless scalability and adaptability. Our containerised plants can be stacked vertically, enabling increased capacity and complexity as your requirements evolve. This innovative feature ensures that our systems can accommodate a wide range of applications and industries with ease.

Compact and Efficient Solutions for Challenging Environments

Designed with space optimization in mind, our containerised plants feature pedestrian access, insulation, sealed flooring, and industrial-grade lighting. These compact and efficient solutions maximise functionality while maintaining a minimal footprint, making them ideal for challenging locations with limited space.

Rapid Deployment and Seamless Integration

Benefit from the plug-and-play nature of our containerised systems, which guarantee straightforward integration and quick installation. Our plants undergo comprehensive factory acceptance testing before shipment, ensuring seamless operation upon arrival at your site. Experience the efficiency and reliability of our advanced containerised water treatment solutions.


Rapid Deployment and Seamless Integration



Our expert design team works closely with you and your engineers, from the initial site visit to the day of delivery, to create a bespoke product tailored to your requirements - from disaster relief scenarios to industrial settings.

Advantages of Containerized Water Treatment Plants

Containerised Water Treatment Plant
Versatility High flexibility, easy relocation or repurposing
Scalability Modular design allows for easy system expansion
Emergency Preparedness

Rapid deployment to disaster-stricken areas


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