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Bespoke Water Treatment Solutions by Hydra-Clear.

At Hydra-Clear we transcend the standard offerings in water treatment engineering with an extensive portfolio, specialising in reverse osmosis, water softening, ion exchange, and comprehensive industrial process water filtration. While we pride ourselves on a robust standard product range, including softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and ion exchange vessels, our hallmark lies in our capability to deliver highly customised, innovative solutions.


water filter system for industryTailored Engineering Excellence 

Our custom-engineered solutions aren’t just about meeting the needs of today. They’re future-proof strategies, designed to adapt to evolving regulations, technological advancements, and shifts in the industry landscape.

Industry-Specific Expertise

HydraJET's custom solutions bolster processes across diverse sectors, each with its compliance matrix and performance benchmarks. Here’s how our tailored approach integrates with sector-specific requirements:

  1. Chemical Manufacturing: We engineer systems facilitating heightened purity and contaminant control, instrumental for REACH adherence and overall operational safety in aggressive environments.

  2. Pharmaceuticals: Our solutions underscore product safety and efficacy, meeting and exceeding GMP standards for water quality, a critical component in pharmaceutical production.

  3. Food and Beverage: We enhance not just compliance with food safety standards but contribute tangibly to product quality, affecting taste, freshness, and shelf life.

  4. Power Generation: HydraJET is pivotal in maintaining efficiency in power plants, where water quality directly influences operational longevity and environmental compliance.

  5. Textiles: By ensuring consistent water quality, we contribute to enhanced production outcomes, influencing colour vibrancy and material durability, essential for REACH conformity.

  6. Semiconductor Manufacturing: In an industry where even trace impurities can be disruptive, our ultra-pure water systems are integral to maintaining product quality and RoHS compliance.

  7. Paper and Pulp: Our solutions support sustainable production practices, influencing not just product quality but also environmental stewardship, in line with the EU's BREF standards.

  8. Breweries: HydraJET impacts the very essence of the product - its taste and character, ensuring adherence to stringent quality and presentation norms.

  9. Cosmetics: We guarantee the purity that touches consumers directly, supporting the safety and integrity of personal care products per EU Cosmetic Regulations.

  10. Agriculture: From crop sustenance to livestock maintenance, our solutions ensure your practices promote health and vitality, complying with directives focused on ecological balance.


Borehole to potable water plant


Partner with Hydra-Clear

Entrusting Hydra-Clear with your water treatment solutions means investing in a partnership devoted to your industry's distinctive needs. Our bespoke systems don’t just solve challenges - they represent forward-thinking resilience in a landscape of ever-evolving standards. Connect with us to fortify your processes with Hydra-Clear’s customised engineering competence.