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Process Water & Effluent Specialists
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RO Water Service & Maintenance

Bespoke Project Delivery

Advanced Water Treatment Plants

Bespoke design, construction, and commissioning of complete water treatment facilities, including effluent neutralisation. Our services encompass full turnkey solutions for process water systems and wastewater management, ensuring adherence to regulations and operational excellence. Our commitment is to meet specific client requirements, focusing on environmental sustainability and high quality.

RO Water Service & Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

12hr, 24hr & 48hr Breakdown Response

Stay on top of your plant's performance efficiency with our premium service and maintenance plans, now enhanced with cutting-edge CMMS systems for remote monitoring and QR code fault reporting. Our engineering response services are designed to provide rapid and dependable support, whether your facility necessitates a 24-hour or 48-hour response time. Our advanced technological integration ensures maximum efficiency in diagnosing and resolving issues, minimising downtime and maintaining operational continuity. At the forefront of our service are innovative solutions to guarantee seamless, uninterrupted water treatment processes.

Remote Monitoring

Advanced Plant Management

Here's how it works:

  • QR Codes on Assets: Each piece of equipment in the plant is tagged with a unique code.
  • Digital Reporting: Scanning the QR with a smartphone opens a digital report tool for descriptions, images, and file uploads.
  • Fault Reporting: Issues with equipment can be reported directly via the interface accessed after QR code scanning.
  • Efficient Fault Response: Faults are instantly logged into a work order system, prompting quick maintenance team and management alerts.
QR code for accurate reporting of water treatment plant issues
Global Health & Pharmaceutical


Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

We are proud to announce that our HydraCIP Reverse Osmosis system has been awarded the 'Most Innovative Bespoke Engineering Solution. for 2023. A testament to our commitment to bespoke engineering excellence.


- Matthew Roberts, Engineering Director.

At Hydra-Clear, we leverage industry-leading Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) technology to provide exceptional water treatment solutions. Our advanced R.O. plants deliver superior water quality while reducing energy costs, enhancing safety, and minimising environmental impact. We also offer scalable solutions to adapt to the evolving demands of various sectors. From consultations and optimisation to executing large-scale custom projects, we provide comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solutions designed to meet each client's unique needs, setting new standards for quality and performance in water treatment.

Containerised Solutions

Our containerised water treatment plants are the ideal solution for addressing plant failures and supporting upgrades in space-limited facilities. They are specially designed to ensure continuous operation and seamless integration with existing production lines.

Space-Efficient and Stackable Design: Understanding the constraints of limited space, our units are engineered to be stackable.

Outdoor Deployment with Easy Integration: Each unit is built for outdoor deployment, allowing you to conserve valuable indoor space. They can be conveniently positioned outside and seamlessly piped directly into your production line.

Rapid Mobilisation, Minimal Downtime: Our containerised plants are pre-assembled for quick deployment. This means they can be operational in a fraction of the time required for traditional water treatment installations, significantly reducing downtime during critical plant operations.

Economical and Sustainable: Not only do these units offer a cost-effective alternative to building new infrastructure, but they also come equipped with eco-friendly features.

Container Solutions

Technological Solutions

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