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Hydra-Clear are pleased to offer you our bespoke demineralised water rental service that operates on a simple yet innovative principle: You pay for the water you use, by the cubic metre (m3), and nothing more.

How does it work? It all begins with a comprehensive understanding of your water needs. Whether you require a specific volume or a particular water quality, our team of experts will carry out an in-depth analysis of your unique requirements.

 Once we have a clear picture of your needs, we take the next step: installing the right water purification plant at your site. We have an extensive range of high-tech, efficient water purification systems designed to produce the highest quality demineralised water. 

Whether your operations demand a small-scale setup or a large, industrial-grade plant, we have you covered. The size and complexity of the plant will be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that the water you get is of the desired quality and quantity.

Expenditure Type Cost With Capex Cost With Rental Model Savings
Initial Capital Investment £100,000 £0 £100,000
Yearly Maintenance Costs £10,000 Included in Rental £10,000
Yearly Feed Water Costs £5,000 £5,000 £0
Yearly Treated Water Costs Included in Capex £15,000 (£1.50 per litre) -£15,000
Depreciation (assuming over 10 years) £10,000 £0 £10,000
Equipment Upgrade / Replacement (Every 5 years) £20,000 £0 £20,000
Total (First Year) £145,000 £20,000 £125,000
Total (Subsequent Years) £45,000 £20,000 £25,000


And the best part? We take care of everything – from delivery, installation, and commissioning of the plant, to providing all the consumables it needs to function. We also carry out regular maintenance and servicing, ensuring that your plant is always in the best possible condition and delivering optimal performance.

With our unique model, you are in full control of your costs. Say goodbye to fixed contracts and hello to our flexible, usage-based pricing. Pay only for what you use, and enjoy the benefits of a reliable, hassle-free water supply that doesn't drain your budget.

Start your journey towards better water management, increased efficiency, and substantial cost savings today.


Speak to an engineer and call 0800 999 6770 to find out more!