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Service and Maintenance

Maintaining to the Highest Standards
Water Treatment Speciality Chemicals

Using the latest in industry leading CMMS software - we plan maintenance, respond to breakdowns and trend plant data all through the allocation of work orders inside a single app.

Engineering proficiency and customer care - Hydra-Clear are different because we improve on the existing practise and service models. We excel at incorporating modern engineering methods into our service contracts, implementing what many large modern manufacturing engineering departments do successfully and customising engineering routines directly into our personalised maintenance plans.

We have turned the standard service model on its head, and our results are exceptional. Reduced breakdowns and reduced production loss are just the start.

Our CMMS allows for fully scheduled visits, online portal electronic engineer reports, innovative PPM certificates and calibration certificates as standard. 


RO Water Service & Maintenance
RO Water Service & Maintenance
RO Water Service & Maintenance