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About Us

We provide outstanding bespoke water engineering water

Our mission

To provide outstanding bespoke water engineering knowledge to our customers through design, build and maintenance of our manufactured systems and employee excellence.

At Hydra-Clear we come to work to solve problems. It’s what engineers do. Our problem is water, and we like water. Water is, after all, a fundamental building block of life. Our water is used to create many things, for many people. In fact, our water systems have probably touched your life in one way or another. We have created electricity, helped in production of pharmaceutical medicines, protected the British Isles and our favourite, goes in fancy Gin and speciality Rums!

Outstanding Bespoke Water Engineering Water

But our water isn’t normal water. It’s engineered water.

Water that has been purified. Not drinking water from a bottle purified, but water that has undergone processes to make it repeatable, non-conducting, non-scale forming super water. Ok, not that super, but still impressive to us.

We can remove solids down to <0.1 micrometers, we can change the pH, we can remove all calcium and we can osmosis, then reverse it. We do all this because water can come in many different forms, from all different sources of water.

Outstanding Bespoke Water Engineering Water

Then what?

We engineer the heck out of it!

We are Hydra-Clear, and we love water.