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Water Conditioners

HydraClear Water Conditioning Vessels: Tailored Solutions for Superior Water Quality

Discover HydraClear's extensive range of media-filled vessels, expertly designed for exceptional water conditioning. Our collection caters to various water quality requirements, from fundamental softening to intricate filtration tasks, ensuring pristine water for every need.

  1. Softeners: Central to water conditioning, our softening vessels use top-quality ion-exchange resins. These units effectively remove hardness-causing elements like calcium and magnesium, rendering your water soft and protective for your systems.

  2. Turbidex™ Filters: For addressing turbidity with supreme efficiency, our Turbidex™ vessels are unparalleled. Utilising advanced media, these filters adeptly eliminate suspended particles, enhancing water clarity and quality.

  3. Fillox Filters: Combat iron and manganese with our Fillox filters. Using a robust oxidising media, these systems expertly eradicate these elements, preventing staining and preserving the aesthetic appeal of your water.

  4. Green Sand Filters: Specialising in reducing hydrogen sulphide, iron, and manganese, our Green Sand filters are a classic choice. Their regenerative media ensures extended service life and consistent efficacy.

  5. Multimedia Filters: For comprehensive filtration, our Multimedia filters are the ultimate solution. These vessels employ a layered approach, combining various media types to remove a wide array of contaminants, including sediment and specific chemicals.

  6. Activated Carbon Filters: A crucial addition to our range, these filters utilise either granular activated carbon (GAC) or powdered activated carbon (PAC). They are highly effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, unpleasant odours, tastes, and various organic compounds from water. Additionally, they can adsorb some heavy metals and assist in improving the overall aesthetic quality of the water.

Bespoke Customisation:

  • Flexible Configurations: We understand water quality challenges vary. Hence, we offer customisable sequences of filters, including activated carbon options, to suit your specific requirements.
  • Scalable Flow Rates: Designed for both small-scale residential and large industrial applications, our systems can be tailored to any flow rate, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
  • Quality Engineering: Crafted with the highest quality materials, our vessels assure longevity and steadfast performance.

With HydraClear's media-filled vessels, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a solution that guarantees clean, safe, and high-quality water, precisely tailored to your needs.