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RO Water Design and Build Specialists

Pioneering Advanced Water Treatment Systems

At the intersection of science, engineering, and innovation, we're charting new territories in the domain of water treatment. Our solutions span from state-of-the-art electro-deionisation plants delivering ultra-pure water to sustainable systems extracting potable water directly from boreholes.

Precision Engineering with In-House Expertise

Central to our operations is our dedicated in-house design team. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and software, our engineers work relentlessly to blueprint systems tailored to intricate specifications. This holistic approach, from concept to commissioning, ensures that every system is optimally designed for its intended environment.

Uncompromised Quality: A British Legacy

Rooted in British engineering traditions and with an ISO 9001 accreditation to attest to our commitment, we specialize in creating bespoke mechanical equipment. Our expansive range varies from the formidable 10,000-litre stainless steam quench tanks to the innovative R.O (Reverse Osmosis) series, fully integrated with Siemens PLC automation for precise control and reliability.

Pushing Boundaries in Water Treatment

Our guiding principle is that water can be treated to any precise specification. Driven by this ethos, we relentlessly innovate. Our high-pressure filter housings and the avant-garde HydraCIP RO series are testaments to this commitment.

Customised Solutions for Distinct Challenges

Our compact reverse osmosis plants, backed by Siemens automation, are meticulously designed to meet site-specific requirements. The combination of advanced technology and bespoke design ensures unparalleled efficiency and exacting results tailored to each client's unique needs.

Collaborate with Our Experts

Entrust us with your water treatment challenges. Engage with our team of experts, and together, we'll engineer solutions that exceed expectations.


High pressure pump skid

- High pressure pump skid for the MoD, 2020.