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We have never stood still. We pride ourselves on innovation in a sector that is comfortable in utilising the same generic equipment. We have the latest software to help us push the limits of water treatment technologies and the wider engineering sector.

We have decided to keep manufacturing in the UK, relying on our ISO 9001 accreditation to prove that UK quality is the best and when done correctly and can be just as competitive as other mass produced equipment.

We have designed many items, some bespoke one of a kind mechanical equipment, like our 10,000 litre 316L stainless collecting steam quench tank, to our super budget R.O range which comes with fully automated Siemens PLC.

We have always taken the view that; water can be treated to any specification that you require. We will always innovate and design new equipment should the market not provide suitable alternatives, like our high pressure filter housings rated to 110 C at 30 Bar pressure for use with higher flow rates up to 30m3/hr.

Or our HydraCIP RO range which comes in industrial or food grade. Designed from the ground up in full 3D modelling.

Or our smaller reverse osmosis plants, designed with Siemens automation and programmed to site specific requirements.

Talk to us about your water, see what we can do to help.