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Filtration, Cartridge, Media and Housings

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Solids filtration can come in many varieties, from filtration media beds to cartridge filtration. Hydra-Clear offer many solutions to removal of solids and can accommodate all requests and solutions.

Filter Housings.

Hydra-Clear Process Water design and manufacture all types of cartridge filter housings.

  • 304/316 Stainless Steel as standard
  • Inlet and Outlet Connections as desired
    • All housings can have full customisation
  • Clamp or bolt down top as per customer specification
  • Full range of flow rates accommodated
  • Up-to 40 Bar pressure if needed

Filter Cartridges.

Hydra-Clear cartridge filters are manufactured in the UK and come with all relevant certification. From FDA pharmaceutical validation to Food and Beverage Grade materials. We have the right filter cartridge for your application.

  • All filter cartridges fit all standard cartridge filter housings
    • Any non standard cartridge design can be made to order
  • All filtration sizes available from 0.01 Micron to 300 Micron
  • Bag and Cartridge filters

Filtration Media.

Hydra-Clear use many different types of media for removing suspended solids from water. Typically this requires the use of a filtration vessel and the media will require back-washing to lift the bed and remove the captured solids.

  • Turbidex Media
    • Removes solids to approx 10 micron of incoming water
    • High flow rates achievable
    • Preferable for filtered water to be used for backwash
  • Sand Filter
    • Removes solids to approx 25 micron of incoming water
    • Can also be used as a catalyst
    • Lower flow rates per bed volume
  • Filox Media
    • Used as a catalyst for removal of Dissolved and Suspended Iron
  • Carbon Media
    • Highly versatile filtration media
    • Some solids removal
    • Excellent Chemical Adsorption
    • Excellent Taste Adsorption
    • Excellent Colour Removal