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Biocide & Disinfection

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Biocides are a group of speciality chemicals utilised in medicine, agriculture, forestry, and industry. These specialist chemicals are employed as disinfectants to reduce or remove potentially harmful water borne micro-organisms.

The most well known of these is commonly referred to as Chlorine. Chlorine has many useful properties and is effective at keeping harmful build ups of micro-organisms at bay.

Hydra-Clear Process Water Ltd specialise in two separate chlorine generators.

Sodium Hypochlorite generation and Chlorine Dioxide Generation.

Our Sodium Hypochlorite generation plant utilises an electrolosis cell to produce safe and effective disinfectant. The solution it produces is safe enough to exist outside of UK COSHH regulations and only requires salt (brine solution) to make the <1% solution NaClO. This solution, although less dilute than household bleach, can be effectively utilised to dose swimming pools, potable water tanks, rinse recovery systems, borehole water and paper bleaching to greater than 10 ppm.

Hydra-Clear Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Units are:

  • Safe Generation and Storage of Biocide Chemcials
  • Low Running Costs
  • No Human Handling of Chemcials
    • COSHH Exempt
    • Table Salt only required
  • Generation on Demand
    • Generate only what you require
  • Reliable and Efficient

Chlorine Dioxide Generation units are very effective in producing a highly effective biocide and disinfection chemcial which has strong micro-organism destroying properties. Chlorine Dioxide is a toxic chemical and requires extreme care when handling, storing and generating CLO2. Hydra-Clear CLO2 Generators are intelligent units which make and carefully mix a weak solution of CLO2. Chlorine Dioxide can be used for all types of industries from swimming pools, potable water, tank cleaning, cooling towers, rinse recovery systems, borehole water and paper bleaching.


Hydra-Clear Process Water also offer the supply of many biocides and disinfection chemicals, commonly used for sanitising and cleaning different tanks and equipment. From Caustic Soda to Hydrogen Peroxide we offer a full catalogue of cleaning chemicals that industry use to remove and reduce any organic and micro-organism fouling.