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Hydra-Clear Water Treatment Services

Hydra-Clear is dedicated to providing a wide array of water treatment solutions, tailored to meet diverse requirements in the water treatment industry.

Our extensive range of products & services is designed to ensure the optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency of your water treatment & effluent management systems.

Detailed Overview of Our Services:

  1. Bespoke Water Treatment System Design: Utilising extensive industry experience, we specialise in creating robust, effective commercial water treatment systems customised to meet specific client requirements.

  2. Advanced Water Treatment System Manufacturing: We take pride in our UK-based manufacturing of custom water treatment solutions, encompassing Commercial Water Filters, Softeners, Deionisation units, Reverse Osmosis, Continuous Electro-deionisation, and Containerised Water Purification Systems.

  3. Professional Installation and Commissioning Services: Our highly skilled Field Service Engineers provide expert installation and commissioning services, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

  4. Tailored Servicing and Maintenance Contracts: Offering customisable Service Contracts for ongoing support, our services cater to both Hydra-Clear products and those from other water treatment manufacturers.

  5. Water Purification System Refurbishment: We offer comprehensive refurbishment services for existing water purification or filtration systems, including consultations and site assessments.

  6. Preventative Servicing & Maintenance (MarinaService): Our MarinaService programme ensures your water treatment systems remain operational through preventative maintenance and real-time monitoring using a Computerised Maintenance Monitoring System.

  7. Emergency Equipment Loan Service: In case of emergency breakdowns, we provide a rapid response with loan equipment services to minimise operational disruptions in water treatment processes.

  8. Water Treatment Equipment Inspection and Maintenance: Our expert team conducts regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your water treatment equipment.

  9. Cost-Effective Pay-as-you-go Water Service: This flexible, economical service is ideal for a variety of applications, allowing you to pay only for the water volume used in processes like manufacturing or irrigation.

  10. Containerised Water Treatment Solutions: Our innovative containerised solutions provide quick and cost-effective water treatment options, with both rental and purchase alternatives available.

  11. Comprehensive On-site Training Programmes: We offer tailored training packages to enhance operational knowledge and efficiency in handling our water treatment systems.

  12. Efficient Water Treatment Process Review Services: Our process review services assess your current operations to provide recommendations for improved water supply quality and volume to meet your processing requirements.

  13. Precision Calibration Services to UKAS Standards: Regular calibration services ensure accurate readings and efficient operation of your water treatment equipment.

  14. Extensive Water Analysis and Testing: Our range of water analysis services includes laboratory and on-site support to help monitor and maintain the quality of your water systems.

Hydra-Clear is committed to delivering customised solutions for every water treatment need. Our expert team is always ready to assist in achieving your water treatment objectives.

For Immediate Assistance or Consultation, Contact a Hydra-Clear Water Treatment Expert: Call 0800 999 6770