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Hydra-Clear Pushes RO Innovation Once Again With HydraJET Mark II: A Revolution in Plu & Play Industrial Process Water

Hydra-Clear Pushes RO Innovation Once Again With HydraJET Mark II: A Revolution in Plu & Play Industrial Process Water

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Introducing the HydraJET2.0...



Hydra-Clear are delighted to showcase their new, improved HydraJET2.0 Reverse Osmosis system. We have blended aesthetics, footprint and functionality to create an RO that can be deployed in the whole range of industrial applications.




Key Features of the HydraJET RO Mark II:

  • Compliance with Water Supply Regulations: The hydraJET meets the stringent standards of WSR.
  • Efficient, Compact Design: Its upright, space-efficient structure is ideal for areas with space constraints.
  • Siemens PLC Integration: Offers superior control and reliability.
  • Variable Flow Rates: Capable of delivering between 1000 LPH to 2500 LPH, with an option to extend up to 3000 LPH upon request.
  • Bolt-On Softener (Optional): Improves water quality and prolongs RO membrane life.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction: Ensures longevity with a 304 Stainless Steel frame.
  • Autonomous Control System: Simplifies operation with fully autonomous control.
  • Skid-Mounted System: Maximises space efficiency.
  • High-Performance Components: We only use industry leading pumps and membranes.
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Control: Comes with full instrumentation for superior management.
  • Optimal Rejection & Recovery Rates: Achieves impressive salt rejection and high recovery rates.


Reverse Osmosis: The Gold Standard in Water Purification

Reverse osmosis is increasingly becoming the industry standard for industrial process water purification. Unlike traditional deionisation systems, which rely on harsh chemicals for regeneration, RO systems use a more environmentally friendly approach. This not only ensures operator safety but also minimises trade consent limits, as the effluent is simply concentrated mains water.

Why HydraJET RO Mark II Stands Out

The HydraJET RO Mark II embodies the gold standard in water purification technology. It's not just an equipment; it's a high-tech solution designed to revolutionise the industry. With its advanced features, it caters to various sectors, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and industrial water treatment, offering a versatile, effective, and customised water treatment solution.

Embracing Sustainable and Safe Water Treatment

One of the key advantages of the HydraJET RO Mark II is its commitment to sustainability and safety. By avoiding the use of aggressive chemicals, it ensures a safer working environment and a greener footprint.

Your Solution for High-Quality Water Needs

Whether you require 1000 LPH for smaller operations or up to 3000* LPH for larger demands, the HydraJET RO Mark II is your go-to solution. Its adaptability, coupled with high-tech features, makes it a pioneering product in water purification

The HydraJET RO Mark II is not just a product; it's a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in water purification. Trust HydraJET to deliver unparalleled water quality and redefine the standards in the industry.



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*Bespoke on request

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