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The industrial versatility of Hydra-Clear's Reverse Osmosis systems

The industrial versatility of Hydra-Clear's Reverse Osmosis systems

Posted by: Andrew Range -

Water Treatment Across Industries: The Universal Benefit of the HydraJET.

In the age of industrial advancement and heightened environmental concerns, water purity has never been more vital. Across various sectors, companies are recognizing the significance of high-quality water not just for the health and safety of consumers but also for optimizing their operations and compliance with regulatory standards. At the forefront of this purification revolution is HydraJET, which offers a superior water purification system that meets the needs of numerous industries.









The HydraJET Reverse Osmosis (RO) range offers a comprehensive line-up tailored to meet diverse water purification needs. Starting with the HydraJET Compact, this model supports a permeate flow range of 200-600 liters per hour, maintaining a maximum conductivity of less than 15, with a notable salt rejection rate of 98%. The Compact operates at pressures below 6.5 and employs three HC ULP 4040 membrane elements. The lifespan of these membranes spans 1-2 years, and the system operates at a motor power of less than 1 kW. The standard HydraJET model scales up with a permeate flow range between 600 to 2500 liters per hour but retains the same optimal conductivity and salt rejection rates. With an operating pressure ceiling of 9, it utilizes the HC ULP 4040 membrane. Its membranes have a similar life expectancy as the Compact, and the motor runs below 2.2 kW. The HydraJET++, although sharing many specifications with the standard HydraJET, distinguishes itself with a prolonged membrane life expectancy ranging between 2 to 4 years. All models in the HydraJET RO range feature PVC/ABS pipes, with optional materials being 304, 316, or 316 L. They operate on a 240 V AC voltage, have consistent feedwater, concentrate, and permeate connection specifications, and can function optimally within a feed water pressure of 2 to 4 and temperatures between 4 to 30 degrees Celsius. The versatility of the HydraJET series is evident, with models being suitable for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and broader industrial applications.Here are the benefits of this system across different sectors.

Here is the array of sectors that the HydraJET can be deployed in:

1. Chemical Manufacturing
For chemical manufacturers, maintaining the purity of the components is paramount. HydraJET's robust purification system ensures that the water used in chemical processes is free from contaminants. This not only contributes to producing top-quality chemical compounds but also reduces contamination risks. In doing so, manufacturers find it easier to adhere to standards like the EU REACH regulations, fostering safer manufacturing practices.

2. Pharmaceutical
The pharmaceutical industry's dependence on pure water cannot be overstated. HydraJET caters to this need by providing water of indispensable purity, facilitating the production of superior medications and health products. Such purity aligns with the stringent EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, which underscores the importance of safety and reliability in pharmaceuticals.

3. Food and Beverage
In the food and beverage sector, the taste, safety, and hygiene of products hinge on the quality of water used. Thanks to HydraJET, businesses can effortlessly meet EU food safety regulations while also guaranteeing the exemplary taste of their products.

4. Power Generation
Power generation plants, especially those reliant on steam, are prone to scale build-up and corrosion. HydraJET addresses this concern by supplying purified water, enhancing both the efficiency and longevity of equipment. This is in line with environmental standards, such as the EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

5. Textiles
For textile industries, water quality significantly impacts the dyeing and finishing processes. HydraJET's water purification ensures vibrant and enduring colors, while also aligning with the EU's REACH environmental standards.

6. Semiconductor Manufacturing
In semiconductor manufacturing, even minute impurities can jeopardize the product's integrity. The ultra-pure water from HydraJET proves invaluable, ensuring adherence to standards like the EU's RoHS Directive.

7. Paper and Pulp
HydraJET's contribution to the paper and pulp sector is evident in the enhanced quality of products. This purified water aligns perfectly with the EU's BREF for pulp and paper manufacturing.

8. Breweries
The brewing sector benefits immensely from HydraJET's purification system. By ensuring water of unmatched purity, breweries can guarantee beers that taste better and adhere to EU regulations concerning beverage production.

9. Cosmetics
In cosmetics, where product efficacy, safety, and shelf life are paramount, HydraJET's superior water purity makes a notable difference. This meets the strict manufacturing standards encapsulated in the EU Cosmetic Regulations.

10. Agriculture
The agriculture sector, dealing with crop growth and livestock, benefits from HydraJET's purified water. By ensuring compliance with regulations like the EU Water Framework Directive and the Nitrates Directive, HydraJET aids in promoting healthier agricultural practices.

In the age of modern industrial advancements, the benefit of water purity permeated by HydraJET's RO system stands out. Its cross-sectoral benefits not only underscore the universal necessity for pure water but also highlight the system's adaptability to diverse requirements. From enhancing the taste of our beverages to ensuring the efficacy of pharmaceutical products, and from boosting agricultural practices to optimizing manufacturing processes, HydraJET is at the heart of promoting quality, safety, and sustainability.

As industries continue to evolve and environmental standards become even more stringent, solutions like HydraJET will remain pivotal in bridging the gap between progress and preservation. The future of many industries depends not just on innovation, but on the purity of the most fundamental resource - water, and with HydraJET leading the charge, that future looks promisingly clear.

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